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Since inception in 1996 Gauteng Piling has completed over 1500 contracts. We will continuously strive to become the preferred piling contractor in Gauteng.

Gauteng Piling Fleet



The Williams LDH digger has for a long time been the benchmark for auger machines in the piling industry, with 5.5t-m torque.

  • The LLDH machines have got a torque of 13.8t-m.
  • Below is a typical site with an LDH at work


The MF rigs form the backbone of GAUTENG PILING.

  • These machines are fast, mobile and reliable.
  • Various configurations are available and we have got them all, from single kelly to double kelly machines, some of which have been modified to work in restricted headroom conditions.
  • The MF60 drills to 18m depth.

Pipe PilingPipe

Our pipe pile system uses a Grundo hammer to drive the pile.

  • This system is mostly used in the housing market, where the 165mm diameter permanent casing is driven to provide 150kN load capacity.
  • We also do underpinning using this method.
  • The photo shows how small and easy this system is to manoeuvre.

Forum BoredForum Bored

For situations where access is restricted or conditions make it difficult, the forum bored piling system is a valuable addition to our piling fleet.

  • The 410mm diameter bored pile can safely carry a load of 600kN and can be installed in places where access is restricted such as basements and factories.
  • Here we are using the system near high voltage power lines where normal piling machines would not be able to work safely.